The Path

Non-Religious Witchcraft


Yes, we are Witches. Rather proud of that, too.

No, we're quite serious about it. We're not a roleplaying group, either.

We're a diverse crowd of people following a non-religious tradition of Witchcraft. Generally, people seek us looking for aid or training, so we've set up a convenient guide to help them learn more about us. We encourage questions, comments and suggestions!

Any questions can be directed to your guide. If you'd like a downloadable version of the site, please let us know.

Please do not request book recommendation, or book reviews. Thank you.


We do not network with businesses. We do not promote businesses. Please remember that writing us an e-mail.

We only network with non-profit organizations or religious/non-religious traditions and educational sites. Any connections outside of that parameter will be rejected.

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Worldwide Community

We are a worldwide community of Witches that help others! We nurture students to develop unique gifts, inspire wisdom and share knowledge with them. We guide them on a journey of self-discovery and exploration. As a student, you'll learn about yourself, nature and your connection to everything.

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Connect with Us!

If you have any questions, concerns or want to join, please feel free to contact us! We're on Facebook regularly, and answer e-mails sent to! We're here to help you, so don't be shy!

If you're here looking to help, yet do not want to join us, then that's fine, too! We're here for you.